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Mulch and Topsoil

If you take pride in designing and maintaining your yard, you know the importance of using high-quality mulch and topsoil. The quality of your mulch and topsoil can make a huge different in how your yard looks during the summer. Sweetwater 100 is a mulch, topsoil and amended soil manufacturer. We work hard to develop reliable mulch perfect for use in residential homes and commercial businesses. We carry several types of mulch and topsoil, allowing us to make custom soil blends for any project. 

Make sure you call Sweetwater 100 today for a quote on your next project. We make most of our own products and distribute the following types of mulch and topsoil:

  • Natural Hardwood Mulch
  • Black Dyed Mulch 
  • Brown Dyed Mulch 
  • Mulch Fines (triple ground) 
  • Wood Chips 
  • Screened & Unscreened Topsoil 
  • Premium Blend Soil (70/30 Topsoil/Compost) 
  • STA Compost (Seal of Testing Assurance) 
  • Custom Blends per your specifications (Ask for Quote!)

                                            DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE!

Screening topsoil

Screening topsoil

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