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Welcome to Sweetwater 100! Your Wholesale Landscape Supplies

Welcome to Sweetwater 100! Your Wholesale Landscape Supplies

Welcome to Sweetwater 100! Your Wholesale Landscape SuppliesWelcome to Sweetwater 100! Your Wholesale Landscape Supplies

Protect Your Property with Our Erosion Control Products

 If you’re trying to control erosion on your property, you probably know that you need the right products to ensure that your soil isn’t damaged, and your water is not polluted. Building a proper physical barrier will ultimately make the difference in saving your soil and keeping the water safe for usage. Sweetwater 100 offers a wide selection of erosion control products. We carry such products as:

  • Single Net Straw Blanket
  • Coconut Coir Rolls
  • Permanent Matting
  • Grass Seed, Straw, Cellulose Mulch, Tackifier, and Fertilizers
  • Inlet Covers
  • Dirt Bags (Silt Sacks)
  • Silt Fencing in various sizes: 24", 36", 42" (Super Silt Fencing: Components sold individually) including PA DOT and DE DOT certified.
  • Filtrexx Filtersox
  • Pre-Palletized Siltsoxx 8"x160' &      12"x 100' lengths
  • Hardwood Stakes
  • Sod Staples
  • Turbidity Barriers
  • Construction Fencing 

Sweetwater Trucks ready for deliveries

Sweetwater Trucks ready for deliveries 

Filtrexx Products

Perimeter Control

Erosion Control Siltsoxx Supplier

 Perimeter Control is a method of sediment control Best Management Practices (BMPs) that acts as a barrier to retain sediment on a construction site. In general terms, sediment control products located at down gradient boundaries of the construction site are referred to as “perimeter controls”. 

Concrete Washout

Filtrexx Distributor

This three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water filtration device designed for solids separation, contaminated effluents, and point sources of contaminated water.  

Inlet Protection

Drainage Control

 Filtrexx technology is an ideal solution to filter runoff water around a storm drain drop or curb inlet. Our products help prevent sediment, debris and other particles from entering any storm drainage system. Water temporarily ponds behind the inlet protection